Top 8 accommodation website worldwide/ Room rental Website

Top  8 accommodation website worldwide

At present it is very easy to find room, apartment, house, flat room mate, flat mate. You can easily find the room of your choice in your desired area by searching online through your phone, laptop, tab.

There are various websites online that advertise the rent of their rooms, apartments, flats, houses, online from where you can take accommodation. From now on you can rent directly by contacting the renter. The online platform will serve as a medium. To make your job easier.

Here are the details of some of the top accommodation websites today. From where you can easily find your desired room, flat, apartment. These sites are trusted sites.

Top  8 accommodation website worldwide

1. Housing anywhere

Housing anywhere at the top level of accommodation website. Mid to Long Term rents. On this website you can find rooms in 400+ cities. That means you understand how big the network is.

Rooms are rented in 400+ cities in different countries of the world including Austria, Finland, Germany, Italy, Iceland, Netherlands, Spain. You can choose the room of your choice from their website. housinganywhere has been providing services since 2009.

2. Nestpick

nestpick is another rental service provider website. There are about 1 million rooms, apartments, property listings under this website. This website provides their rental services in more than 200 cities from mid to long term.
They rent rooms, flats, apartments, property sales in popular cities of the world. They rent in cities like Berlin, London, Paris, Rome, Madrid, Barcelona.
Students can easily take their accommodation from this website. There are those opportunities.

You can download two apps on this company's app store, Android apps and two platforms.


uniplaces is a rental site. This site also gives you room, apartment, flat, house, property rent. Students can easily take their accommodation from this site. Now the biggest problem is student accommodation. Because students go from one place to another to study, they have to arrange their accommodation in a very short time. You will find the solution to this problem from this site.

Another great advantage of this site is that if you want to do affiliate marketing then this site is for you. You can apply here and affiliate.

4. Roomgo

roomgo is the world's largest room mates network. This site lists more than 1000 rooms for rent per week. From this site you can purchase and rent single room, sublet, house, apartment, property.

5 million rooms have been rented worldwide from this site. More than 50,000 landlords have listed their properties for sale. This site has been in service since 1999. So you can still take the room of your choice.

5. Spotahome

spotahome started their journey in 2014. They provide flats, rooms, holiday rental services, student accommodation services. You can download iphone apps, android apps.

This site is 100% online based. You can book a room in one minute. Each room has 360 degree photos so you can easily take a full view of the room.
On this site you can make online payments through Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal.

6. Rentberry

rentberry is another site where you can book rooms. They have mobile apps and you can easily book rooms using their apps if you want. This site provides their services in many cities including Rome, Berlin, New York, Boston.

07. Homestay

 homestay is a large rental website. From this website you can rent more than 55,000 rooms worldwide. Here you can easily take room for students, workers, holiday tours, everything.
They provide room rental services in 180 countries. And this site started their journey in 2016.

07. Wimdu

wimdu is another site from where you can book a room for vacation very easily.

So this is the top 8 accommodation website. From here you can quickly and easily rent and rent your desired room, apartment, house, flat mat, room mat, property.

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