Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day 

Mother’s Day or Mother’s Day is an honoring ceremony that is celebrated in honor of the mother and for the impact of motherhood, motherhood, and mothers in society. It is celebrated on different days in many parts of the world, usually March, April or May. It is a complement to Father's Day, a celebration of Father's Day.

Mothers and motherhood ceremonies are celebrated all over the world. Many of these are little authentic testimonies to ancient festivals, such as the Sibyl Greek rite, the Roman festival of Hillary that comes from the Greek Sibyl, or the celebration of Christian Mothering Sunday from Sibyl and Hilaria. But, the modern holiday is an American invention that did not come directly from those events. Nevertheless, in some countries Mother's Day has become synonymous with those old traditions.

The holiday gradually became so commercial that its creator, Anna Jarvis, considered it a "Hallmark Holiday," a day that would overwhelm commercial needs. He finally began to oppose the holiday he had introduced himself

According to one group, the day originated in ancient Greek mother worship, a festival dedicated to Sibel, one of the most prominent Greek deities. The festival was celebrated during the Equinox in Asia Minor and then between the Ides of March (March 15) and March 16 in Rome.

The ancient Romans had another holiday dedicated to the goddess Juno, called Matronalia, although gifts were given to mothers on that day.

There have long been many rituals in Europe and the UK, such as Mothering Sunday, where a specific Sunday was set aside to honor mothers and motherhood. Mothering Sundays are part of the calendar of different communities, including Anglicans. According to the Catholic calendar it is called Letter Sunday which is celebrated on the fourth Sunday during Lent in honor of the Virgin Mary and the "Archbishop". Traditionally, the day was marked by giving symbolic gifts and, thankfully, doing the chores of the girls, such as cooking and washing, by someone else at home. [Citation needed]

In addition to Mother's Day, International Women's Day is celebrated on March 8 in many countries.

The "Mother's Day Proclamation" by Julia Ward Hoy is one of the earliest efforts to celebrate Mother's Day in the United States. Hoi's Mother's Day Declaration, written in 180 against the atrocities of the American Civil War and the Franco-Prussian War, was a pacifist response. Women have a responsibility to shape society at the political level, and Hoe's feminist belief was embedded in the Declaration.

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