How To Make Money From Google Maps?

How To Make Money From Google Maps?

Google has many products that we can use and earn money. Just we need to learn how to make money from google products. Youtube, adsense, blogger, facebook where do you want to earn money? You can make money on all of these platforms. Just start and be patient for making money because no one did not give you a cent in free. You need to earn.

Before earning you need to follow the earning guideline. If you have no idea about online you did not earn money. Facebook , youtube earning is really easy because we are all using this platform. But google maps we are not using all the time. Most of the people did not know it is possible to make money from google maps.

There are two ways to earn money from Google Maps. Firstly google directly will pay you for their map developing work and another way is you can use this platform to make money from others. 

Firstly if you want to earn from direct google you need to travel to more and more places. Because now at this time many areas are not under google maps. If you visit there and get video from a 360 camera and upload google then google will pay you. 
This way is difficult , because you need to invest for earning , you need a high resolution HD 360 camera and phone. And need travel then you will make money from google maps.

Another way is not more difficult than previous. It's a simple trick to making money from google maps. At first go to google maps and search any place and their restaurant, hospital, hotel and others. Click there and you will see their ads for different companies or institutions. But you follow that most of them do not start their ads. So you can offer them for google ads.

For earning you need good and strong communication skills and convenience quality. Because when you offer them for their business ads they think what is their profit from google ads on google maps. You can take advantage of their need to convince them that now most of the people visit google maps for best places, restaurants, bars, hotel, hospital and so many. That time if your ads are running and show off their pages it's to your benefit. 

Business enlisting is a very important subject now. Because people can easily search and find your business address that is very important and trusted. If your business name and location is enrolling on google map it is an extra benefit for you. Address enlisting is a basic SEO. so i tell this because it will help you next step. Now i will share how to offer your targeted people. For making money google maps you need a compact knowledge of google business verification. 

If you are an expert on google business verification it is very easy to you. When you search for your targeted people that time, notice most of the business addresses have suggestions so you take this advantage for making money. Firstly you need to become a local guide. Because everyone can not edit on google map . but if you become a google local guide then you will give suggestions to verify google take time 15 days to 30 days for your giving information and verification.

You need to contact the business owner to verify his business address. You need convenience to verify his business address on google maps. And tell him about his profit for this work. Try one by one some people must agree to this work and give him a financial offer he will must agree to.  But at first tell him that you are a local google maps guide and professional freelancer and business analyst. Anyhow you should convince him for this work. 

For online earning you should be technical. When he will agree for this work then if his business has no website give him  a professional website for business. Because a website is more important for his business status. This is a business policy.

This is the lesson on how to make money from google maps.  If you like this please comment and if you have any query please contact us.

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