How to control your wife ??

How to control your wife ??

In fact, the relationship between husband and wife is a sweet relationship. But it is seen that girls always want her husband or boyfriend to be under her control. Is that really possible? Nature did not create men and women in this way. The laws of nature will be subordinate to men and women.

But women will never accept it, they will want to live with men under their control. The funny thing is that no matter how hard a man is outside, he is as soft as wax to a woman. You see in the example if you go to a man for a job and you go to a man you may get 45-50% importance but if a girl goes to the same person for the same job then that girl will get 80-90% more importance.

This is actually a creatively different weakness. You don't need as much information to prove a lie as you do to prove a lie. Because when a woman presents her information in such a way that you are forced to believe.

One survey found that 70-80% of husbands are terrified of their wives. Yes it is normal to get it. I am also terrified of my wife as I write this. But I know his weaknesses so I was able to control him very easily. I'm sure you can too if you follow my tips.

But I am not talking about controlling the wife by torturing her physically. It has to be controlled a little differently through love. The first thing you should never do with your wife is to do it. You will have to leave in the arms of your wife or you will not have a family.

How to control your wife ???

Things that cannot be shared with the wife:
1. Girls are 10 years ahead of boys intellectually so it is very difficult to get rid of them. The trick is to get the secrets out of you, but they will never share them.
Don't tell your ex-girlfriend about love by believing your ex. If you say so, then your game is over. You will always be viewed with suspicion. No matter how well you do it, you will find fault with it. Because you are already to blame. So as a punishment he will make you his own. You have nothing to say.
2. Never share your weaknesses. Because girls will easily overcome you by exploiting this weakness.
3. You will never compliment another girl in front of your wife. If he did this, he would be caught for the rest of his life.
Women can share everything but her husband's share can never be given to anyone.
4. Don't always tell the truth. Because you may have a truth that you believe and say that this has become tomorrow for you.

One thing is to stay with his wife year after year under the same roof but you can't understand her mind. It is never possible.
Saying one thing, a girl is a human being.

Give your wife time. If you give your wife time, you will see that she is bound to listen to you. One thing is that a girl is more valuable to her husband if she gets something from her husband than to get something valuable from her husband. When you give time to your wife, she must be caring and sympathetic to you. Doing this little thing will make your family happy.

Make good use of it. People will only make mistakes and if girls make this mistake a little more, it will mean a little more than scolding. You will see with love that he will treat you with respect. You will not be loyal to him but he will be loyal to you. It is a girl's instinct that girls who care about them are more vulnerable to it.

One explanation for this is that many times in the news it is seen that a woman has left her child with another man. Why go ?? Have you ever thought of an explanation for this? Because only one time does not give him time, does not treat him well, does not take care of him, life seems monotonous to him. At that time, if a man treats her with a little care, that woman is finished. It is normal to be weak towards him. And gives up everything when new life comes.

Giving importance. We see in society that women are not given much importance. But in fact they have the right to express their views. If the wife wants to make a decision about her husband, she will give importance to his decision. It's not that you have to accept his decision, but that you have to respect his word. If you do this, a girl will be loyal to you. If you respect one thing, you get respect. If you value and respect him, you will see that he is giving you back many times over through love, caring, everything.

Need to care. I want a wife to take care of Nick Care after a while. Care doesn't mean you have to press her hands and feet or do anything else. You are in the office, just called and asked what are you doing? Have you eaten? Just that, you will see that he will not stand in the way of any of your work but will cooperate in your work. Do not doubt it but believe it will be stronger.

Giving gifts. One of the things girls like most is the gift, even if it is very small, but if you spend a little for her at the end of the day and take some gifts, you will see how happy she is. It doesn't cost much to make someone happy, but a little love and a little love can give you something beautiful that you can't even imagine.

Do not doubt unnecessarily. Never doubt your wife unnecessarily. This is one of the worst aspects of family life. It makes your family nostalgic. Relationships are ruined. If you doubt him he will doubt you. There will be a bad relationship between the two. Which is why you can never control your wife. Rather he would be more reckless. So keep this in mind.

The most important thing is to remember different days, such as wedding anniversary, this day is really a special day, this is the day you gifted him, he went out for a little fun. Remembering the days of Valentine's Day, making small gifts from the 7th would make your spouse happy. He gave her a gift on his wife's birthday. He turned around and gave her food one day a year. These things will make you much bigger for her. You will remain loyal.

Praise your wife. A girl always wants to be admired by her beloved man for being beautiful. It doesn't take much money to get praise. So praise the wife more and more. The best way to remember a person is to praise him. If you admire someone, that person will never forget you. He will remember that you admired him. So praise your wife for keeping you in control.

A truly good life partner can change your life. So why don’t you leave a little something for him. If you want to continue in life, you must compromise. Only then can you live a happy life. And your spouse will be loyal to you.

Thanks so far today. If you like the words a little bit, my writing is successful. To get something better, please comment, visit the site regularly, let's come up with something better.

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