First 3 months care of pregnancy

First 3 months of  care pregnancy

Pregnancy is a blessing of god. When women become pregnant I think she is so lucky. At the present time most of the women become unfertile. So at this if you become pregnant undoubtedly you are a lucky person. It will bring you and your family happiness. A new member will be added to your family. It's really great moment.

The first three months of pregnancy is so sensitive and risky. At that time you need to maintain food, moving, working and many others. First three months just avoid all types of bad habits.
You need to eat food on time. Please don’t be irregular about eating. Because it's a sensitive time and starts a child's journey. So be careful about your work. A little mistake will miscarry your baby.
When you will notice that your pregnancy is positive from that time you need to be more careful about you and your baby. Firstly you need to checkup for confirming pregnancy and it is confirmed just avoid all types of heavy work.

First three months you need to care about this

Avoid Heavy work

First three months of pregnancy you should avoid heavy work. Do not try to cook for a long time. Do not push anything. Be safe for heavy work. If you have a house worker that’s fine and suggested that please keep a house worker at this time.

Care of Walking

You need to take care of walking. Please try to walk slowly. Without any cause do not move anywhere. Fast walking avoids please. It's very harmful for your baby.

Avoid journey

Doctors strictly advise that you do not journey at that time. It will make miscarries. Jerking is very dangerous for your health. So be careful about the journey of the first three months of pregnancy.

Eating Habit

Just change your eating habit if you are irregular. Because it is a very sensitive issue. This time you need to eat fruits, vitamin related food, and strongly avoid junk food. Drinking water is very essential at this time. After 1 hour drink water. Daily at least drink 5 liter water. A day eating 5-6 times.

Maintain doctor advice

At first the doctor tells you what you will do or not. Just follow your doctor's advice. After 8-12 weeks please check baby heartbeat. It is a very important thing. Some times within 8-12 week heartbeat will not present that time please take advice from a doctor.

Avoid alcohol and Smoking

If you are an alcoholic and smoker please please just avoid this bad habit. It is most dangerous for your baby. Alcohol and smoking are bad habits and remove them from your life for you and your baby's healthy life. Most of the time it is the main cause of miscarries. So avoid it permanently from now.

Avoid Sexual intercourse

First three months of pregnancy please avoid Sexual intercourse. This time is not preferable for Sexual intercourse. After 3 months you will continue that time no problem. But the first three months avoid it. It will be very helpful to you and your baby.

Blood test

When conceiving a baby please test your blood. Cbc, thyroid, sugar, and ultrasonography. It will help you to know your physical fitness. It is very important to test your blood. Please do not avoid it and skip it. Eating more iron related food. It will increase your blood and hemoglobin.

Taking rest

First three months of pregnancy you need more rest . daily you need 12- 15 hour rest. One thing important is that when you lay down that time please sleep on the right side. It keeps your baby heart. Do not sit anywhere a long time. Also do not stand for a long time. It is not good for your health.
At this time please do not floor at least buy a bed. That time flooring is too harmful.
Please follow this and it will help you and your baby . check up regularly on your doctor. Follow doctor advice. If you follow everything and avoid that it will keep good and health you and your baby.
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